About Me

A motivated and dynamic individual with a strong passion for IT and leadership. Enthusiastically dedicated to initiating new projects and attaining optimal results, all while ensuring an enjoyable and efficient workflow for all.

Looking for a proactive professional with an unwavering commitment to IT and fostering inclusivity? Look no further.


MSc. Media Technology

Aalborg University, July 2022

Project Leader

UCN, December 2023

Christian Glerup Sørensen

Resume - Current Work

IT-Architect and Project Leader
Nordjyllands Trafikselskab - Full time - December 2022 to Present
Pioneering innovative IT solutions to enhance public transportation operations. Responsible for budget oversight, conceptualization of new IT initiatives, and complete project management from inception to completion. Developing forward-thinking IT solutions for internal optimization and customer-centric enhancements.

CEO and Founder
PineRiver.dk - Part time - January 2020 to Present
Managed hosting of game servers with streamlined automation throughout the entire process, from server procurement to seamless client utilization. Engineered to provide instantaneous product delivery within seconds of customer purchase.

IT Manager
Dan Service - Part time - November 2010 to Present
Overseeing all IT operations, leveraging automation to optimize workflow efficiency. Spearheaded comprehensive IT infrastructure enhancement, including web and app development to simplify tasks for truck drivers. Contributed to the growth of a family-owned enterprise.

Refer to my LinkedIn profile for details about my previous experiences.